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Consider this scenario, you just took out a loan and bought a car. Two years breeze by with no problems, your warranty expires and a month later your car refuses to crank. You receive news that your car has a faulty transmission and repairs will cost over $1,500.

Fear of experiencing situations similar to the one explained above leads many car buyers to purchase an extended warranty or Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP). The purpose of the extended warranty or MBP is to provide protection after a factory warranty expires, or in addition to a factory warranty in the event that some repairs are not covered.

However, the question remains are extended warranty’s a money saver or a money waster? The truth is not all extended warranty programs were created equal. Some programs are costly and have high deductibles. Conversely, at Tallahassee Leon Federal Credit Union we strive to make this service accessible and affordable for all of our members! We understand the importance of a good extended warranty program, that’s why we offer Route 66.

The Route 66 extended warranty program offers protection against major mechanical expenses, emergency road side assistance and ensures that your vehicle is in good hands, all with no deductible. Plus, your vehicle may be eligible for this coverage whether or not you have it currently financed at TLFCU.

To find out if your vehicle is eligible for one our Mechanical Breakdown Protection policies, give us a call at 850-576-8134 (option 1, then 2) or click here to get an instant quote!