Treasure Hacker Weekend challenges youth participants to 'Hack the System'

At TLFCU, we love to see the light bulbs go on when we host youth financial education events! We also recognize that sometimes the best ways or tactics to convey these important life lessons come from those actually receiving the information! So we hosted our first ever Treasure Hacker Weekend!

The two night hack-a-thon brought together a group of 19 very talented high school students to complete a financial literacy boot camp where they learned the value of early positive financial decisions and developed ideas to help financial institutions reach younger generations. The weekend, which wash hosted primarily at Domi Station, resulted in four ground breaking ideas created by the participants to get their peers involved in personal financial management. Each of the four teams presented to decision makers in our community at the grand finale of the event, including the Mayor's Office and other influential folks from our local community.

Check out all the great ideas these brilliant youth participants came up with in the video below...

The ideas that came from this weekend will be vetted by our Youth Advisory Council and we hope to see many of them implemented in our local community and beyond.

The event was hosted by Tallahassee-Leon FCU with special guest speaker Chad Helminak. Special thanks to our venue Domi Station, Biz Kid$, and Jake Kiker of Williams Gautier Law Firm.