The Home Depot Reports Potential Debit and Credit Card Info Breach

TLFCU is aware of recent reports that The Home Depot may have had a potential debit and credit card breach.

As part of our efforts to protect your account, TLFCU will contact you should we be notified that your card may have been included in this compromise. If we have not contacted you, then we have not been notified that your account has been impacted.

As always, if you should notice any suspicious activity on your account, please notify us as soon as possible by calling 850-576-8134, option 2.

Although these compromises cannot always be anticipated, here are some good tips to help keep your account information as secure as possible:

  • Monitor your accounts closely, especially during the holiday season
  • Make sure you keep us informed when you move or change your phone number so you can be contacted in the event of a compromise
  • Be cautious when someone calls, texts, or emails you asking for account information - you can always hang up and call us directly!
  • Always get a receipt for your purchase and verify the items listed with those that you purchased
  • Make sure to use secure sites when shopping online
  • Sign up for e-mail transaction notices in TALLEOnline Banking