TLFCU Home Improvement Guide

Spring into action this season and make the investment in your home that it deserves -- whether or not you have the equity. TLFCU offers seven great ideas to get started ...

Spring has traditionally been a time of new beginnings. For many people this new beginning involves spring cleaning and home improvements. In the words of TLFCU CEO, Lisa Brown, “When you upgrade your space, you’re really upgrading the value of your home.” To help you with your spring cleaning, TLFCU is offering up seven home improvement projects that can rejuvenate your home while adding value.


The great thing about painting—indoor or outdoor—is that you can totally change the look and feel ofyour home without having to do major renovations or redecorating. Using tasteful and natural colors can add value to your home by creating mass appeal.You don’t even need to hire pros if you don’t want to; just grab some paint, rollers, and you’re set!

For tips on “How to Paint Your House,” check out

Kitchen remodeling

A kitchen remodel is typically oneof the most expensive home improvement projects, but shopping smart can reduce costs. For example, just replacing older appliances with newer ones can add a lot of value to your kitchen without having to remodel the whole thing! According to Michael Murphy in his book How to Sell Your Home in Good or Bad Times, you can expect to recoup between 70% and 80% of kitchen-remodeling jobs when you sell your house.

For tips on remodeling your kitchen without spending a fortune, watch this video:

Bathroom Addition/Remodel

Adding onto your bathroom is crucial if your current bathroom is too small to be functional or if you simply don’t have enough bathrooms for your household. If your bathroom doesn’t need an addition, you can still make huge improvements by replacing the tile, sink, toilet, or shower. Even just repainting or redecorating makes a big difference!

For help with creating a budget for your bathroom remodeling job, check out this informative piece from HGTV:

Finish unfinished spaces

Do you have an empty room in your house that you have been waiting to turn into a library? A gym? A guest bedroom? A home office? Take the opportunity, and make the most of your space!

For some inspiration, check out this gallery of spare room ideas:

Spruce up your entrance

The entrance to your home says a lot about the value of your house. A messy, unkempt entrance is not very welcoming and is unappealing. Be sure to replace old doors and damaged windows in order to make the most of your entrance. If your door doesn’t need replacing, consider painting your door a fresh new color that compliments your existing color scheme.

Here’s how to give your door afacelift:


Landscaping your yard also makes your home more welcoming, and it enhances the curb appealof your home!

This Old House has some thoughtson improving “curb appeal:”,,191447,00.html.

Deck addition or improvement

A deck can add a lot of value to ahouse because it is extra space for entertaining. If you already have one, make sure it is big enough for people to actually use and enjoy. If size isn’t aproblem, make sure it’s clean, undamaged, and tastefully furnished.

Here are some innovative ideas ondeck design:

At this point you are probably thinking of all of the home improvement projects you would like to undertake, but you don’t have the lump sum of money set aside to spend on them. TLFCU is here to help with home improvement loans! TLFCU home improvement loans offer flexible terms, rates as low as 5.99% APR*, and no equity requirements! This means you can borrow money to improve your home whether or not you have equity in your home.

Low-cost TLFCU home improvement loans will give you the opportunity to invest in a home makeover without refinancing your home. You determine your home improvement budget, and then only take as much as you need. It's that simple!

TLFCU is here to help you with all of your financial needs, big and small! Click HERE to apply today!

*Annual percentage rate (APR). APR quoted is for personal loans up to 60 months used for the purpose of home improvements on owner occupied property. Higher rates may apply based on loan term and/or credit worthiness. Programs, rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. Ask one of our Member Service Specialists for details, fees, and current rates. Membership is required. Membership is open to individuals who live, work, or worship in Leon, Gadsden, Wakulla, and Jefferson counties. Minimum balance required to open a savings account is $25. Members must maintain a savings account with a minimum of $25 for the duration of their membership.