Give Your Kitchen A Facelift

There's never been a better time to brighten up your kitchen and do a little remodeling, and TLFCU has come up with some great ways to revamp and revitalize your kitchen.

According to Consumer Reports, kitchen remodels are some ofthe most popular home improvement projects. And no wonder: Nobody likes old, outdatedkitchen appliances with late 1970s mustard yellow countertops. Or how aboutold, peeling vinyl flooring? Or that terrible wallpaper you inherited from the previous owner? Well, there’s never beena better time to brighten, revitalize and revamp your kitchen! Tallahassee-Leon Federal Credit Union hassome great kitchen remodeling tips that are sure to inspire and add value to your home.

Put on a fresh coat.

First off, you don’t necessarily need to wipe out everythingin your kitchen and replace it in order to have a new feel. People tend to overlook the huge differences that can be made by simply painting the kitchen walls, but it really is the easiest, least expensive way to transform a tired-looking kitchen. Decide on paint that can really bring fresh, new energy to your kitchen.

Choose a semi-gloss latex paint, which will allow you to easily wipe off those unavoidable food stains. Kitchen surfaces accumulate grime, so don't skimp out on the prep work; be sure to wash all walls and the ceiling with a TSP (trisodium phosphate) or a TSP substitute before painting. Also you can even consider painting your existing cabinets if they're sound. You can hire a professional painter to do the job or save some cash and do it yourself!

Make your countertops rock.

Replace tired countertops with new laminate. There are a lot of attractive and affordable choices out there. Or you can always upgrade to granite. Or add even more flavor to your counter with a beveled or rounded hardwood molding along the front edge too!

Sync your sink … and faucets.

Splurge a little on a stunning new sink and faucet without relocating plumbing. Sinks, along with countertops, bear the brunt of the kitchen work. As a consequence, they can become worn after 10 years or so. Replace your faucet and sink, and you’ll make a huge impact in one quick step.

Get Floored.

Revamping kitchen flooring for a brand new look can make a huge difference too. Vinyl floor tiles are very affordable and have come a long way in terms of style and ease of installation. This type of flooring is comfortable to walk on, easy to clean, and durable. Or in the mood for a more natural flooring material? Wood, cork, and bamboo are other options. A ceramic tile upgrade can be attractive, but remember, it’s much easier to damage.

Get a Handle on Cabinets.

New cabinetry can instantly change the entire look of your kitchen. Solid wood, plywood, and stainless steel cabinets are the most durable. Cabinets made of MDF (medium density fiberboard) are also well respected and can stand the test of time. If your budget is sufficient, do yourself a favor and hire a professional designer. An experienced designer has seen it all and should be able to help you avoid costly mistakes.

Apply Appliance 911.

Last but not least, you can always replace the appliances in your kitchen. The average refrigerator lasts about 14 years, according to This Old House magazine, and tastes can change a lot in a decade and a half. Stainless steel, or not, replacing your appliances can add a modern update to your kitchen.

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