Five Car Trends That Will Move You

Tallahassee-Leon Federal Credit Union offers a peek at the best car trends.

Let’s face the facts: you’re not a secret agent. However, with today’s technology, you can channel your inner James Bond all while doing a simple, daily activity – driving. New gadgets and gizmos being developed for cars make simple commutes action-packed adventures (while obeying all traffic laws, of course). Let’s kick this mission off with a briefing on the latest gadgets and top car trends.

From Your Mouth Only

If you don’t have voice activation in your car, then you’re not taking advantage of your very own personal assistant. Navigation, news and music are all accessible by simply speaking to your automobile. Ford has partnered with the Sync calling system, allowing hands free, voice-activated control of your vehicle. Listening to your favorite song? No worries. Sync actually pauses your music when you have an incoming call. Experiencing an emergency? Sync has a built in 911 Assist that alerts emergency services if an airbag deploys without you needing to touch a button. The hands free benefit of this feature allows for safer driving the next time you face 5-o’clock traffic. You daredevil, you.

Vehicles. Electric vehicles.
As a top agent, you’re not going to have time to stop for gas. You’re going to need a vehicle that you don’t have to wait around for. Thankfully, electric vehicles are ready for your lifestyle. Going green has become a huge part of today’s culture, so why not contribute and go green in your driving decisions, too? Systems like Blue Drive from Hyundai allow for energy efficient vehicles that run entirely on hydrogen, and only emit water. No trail of smoke for bad guys to follow? Perfect and discreet.

License to Chill…out about losing your keys.
Instead of wondering if your keys fell out of your pocket during that last fight scene, keep them inside your car and take advantage of keyless entry to your Bond-mobile. Keyless entry is offered in many cars, including the Toyota Prius and Cadillac STS. You can keep your fob in your purse or pocket, and simply open the door by just touching the handle. However, the convenience doesn’t stop there. There’s no more fumbling through your pocket or purse to get keys to actually start your vehicle – your engine will kick on with the push of a button. This feature is fit for a ‘double-0’ agent.

Live and Let Park

Getting your car perfectly between the lines in a parking lot takes time and focus – time and focus that you could be using to pinpoint the location of your next mission. Luckily, cars such as the Ford Focus can now park themselves with parallel parking assist. Its sensors determine where the parking spot is, and does the rest of the job for you. All you have to do is push a button to engage the automatic assist. The Batmobile has nothing on you.

Drive Another Day
Safety features are not only very up-to-date and high tech, but they conveniently add another layer of safety to your driving experience, while keeping all of the ‘suave’ packed into your vehicle. The rearview camera is an exciting feature in itself and the safety benefits that come along with it are even more impressive. The camera shows you exactly where you are in correlation to your surroundings, has colorful markings for when you’re a little to close to another car, and it beeps when you’re close to a collision. The rear-view camera is a safety feature fit for any agent. Looking to make an upgrade in your vehicle?

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