Debit Card Security Tips

To keep your information safe and secure, it is important to be cautious when providing information to those who may call you asking for private information, even if they are say they are calling from an institution that you do business with - like TLFCU!

In the event of true suspicious activity, our fraud department will contact you to verify questionable transactions that have occurred outside of your everyday purchasing habits. Our fraud department will contact you only from a 1-800 or 1-866 number, never a 1-900 number. This is another reason why we ask that you always keep us updated with your most recent contact information!

If you have inadvertently given out any information, you can block your card you card 24/7 by calling our main line at 850-576-8134, option 3 then 3.

As always, if you are suspicious of any caller or the questions you are being asked, please hang up the phone and call TLFCU directly at 850-576-8134, option 6 then 2 to speak to a member service representative.

When using your debit card to make purchases or withdrawals, it is also important that you inspect the device to ensure it does not show any signs of tampering. This is especially true at gas pumps and ATMs as these are often targeted due them not being staffed with an employee to conduct the transaction.

For more information about TLFCU's debit card program, please click here.