Beware of Recent Phone Scam Targeting City of Tallahassee Utility Customers

Several City Utility customers have reported receiving phone calls from individuals identifying themselves as City of Tallahassee Utilities Representatives. The caller indicates that the account is past due and threatens utility service disconnection - usually within an hour - if immediate payment is not made.

The citizen or business owner is then instructed to purchase a prepaid card (Green Dot, Account Now, Vanilla Card, etc.) from a nearby retailer for the past due amount. The citizen or business owner is then asked to provide the utility representative imposter with the access code and or PIN for the purchased prepaid card. The fraudster then transfers the funds, causing the citizen or business owner to suffer a financial loss.

TPD has received reports from citizens and business owners of this scam being executed within Tallahassee. Please be advised that these calls are NOT authorized or affiliated with City Utilities. Your Own Utilities does not conduct business in this manner. The City of Tallahassee Utilities will not request its customers to provide payment in the form of Green Dot, Account Now, or Vanilla cards.

Customers can make payments online, by phone, mail or automatic bank draft as well as in person at the Frenchtown Renaissance Center or at one of many remote payment locations throughout Tallahassee.

If you receive a suspicious call that you believe may be a scam, contact Your Own Utilities at 891.4YOU (4968) to confirm the call. This will allow them to document the activity and continue to work with the Tallahassee Police Department to prevent fraud.